5 things to invest your
tax refund in

Those who file a tax return can expect an average refund of 1,007 euro.

1. Settle debts

Were you or are you a student? Pay back part of the rates of your student loan or Bafög. You can benefit doubly: Even if you cannot deduct the repayments themselves, you can still claim the interest paid next year.


2. Dental prosthesis

A broken tooth, for which dental prosthesis is due, can already cause high costs. So put some money aside long before a tooth wobbles. The best way is in the form of supplementary dental insurance. The contributions can be claimed for tax purposes in the following years.


3. Renovation of the apartment

Smaller and larger renovation and maintenance projects are part of everyday life. Pay e.g. with the refund the craftsman wage. This “household near service” is deductible in the following year including the resulting value added tax.


4. Private pension provision

In order to fully enjoy the pension years, private retirement provision is unavoidable. With your refund you can lay the foundation. If you even opt for the Riester pension, the private advance expenditure is also tax-deductible.


5. Make dreams come true

Indulge yourself in a fantastic Caribbean holiday or an unforgettable parachute jump. Even if you can’t deduct these expenses afterwards, they are a wonderful boost to your well-being. And that’s what money is for.

Whatever you spend your money on, the most important fact is that you don't simply give it away to the tax office.

Get your money back. On average 1.007 Euro will be refunded to the taxpayer.

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